If you’re interested in getting more involved with us and the cycling community, we’d be thrilled to have you along for the ride!

Bike Buddies

Being a Bike Buddy means that you’d like to be available to help people get started back into riding. The purpose of a Bike Buddy is to simply make a commitment to attend 3 consecutive events with a new member. You’re job is to answer questions, introduce them to the other members of the group and help them feel welcome. This is a wonderful opportunity to make new friends.

After three rides Bike Buddies and thier new friend are free to attend events as normal, but Bike Buddies should be free to accept a new rider mentee afterwards.

Ride Hosts

We’ve currently got some rides that need volunteers to host. Hosting a ride session is an awesome way to meet fellow cyclists and get in shape.

Get Started!

You can fill out the form below to let Austin Lowery know that you’d like to contribute and he’ll get back to you soon! Thanks!